How To Stop The Bleeding Of The Wounds

When unexpectedly hurting, the first and most important thing is to disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding. In case of minor injuries, there are some tricks that can help you when you have no rihanol or alcohol. Remember them!

Salt water or salt

The thought that salt should be put on the bleeding wound causes us to feel pain without even getting hurt. In fact, salt helps absorption of blood-borne blood, however it is additionally a decent disinfectant and can lessen the danger of contamination. You can flush the injury with salt water. It is suggested as the first bleeding agent.


You can apply a toothpaste subsequent to shaving in those spots where you have small wounds. It has an astringent impact and limits the veins.

St. John’s wort

This incredible herb is an antiseptic and helps to treat wounds. Prepare yourself a potion from the herb and apply it as a compressor to the wound. This will help her to recover faster.


Balsam has a waxy texture and when applied to light cuts, it can block blood flow and help it clot.

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