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Which Tea Is Best For You By Your Blood Type?

Did you know that there is a diet based on your blood type?  Contingent upon your blood classification, you pick between specific foods and drinks. What is great and healthy for others may essentially not suit your body. All things considered, discover which sorts of tea are best for you by your blood classification.

Blood group A.

These people are emotional and analytical and react strongly to stress. Coffee doesn’t bother them, but there are herbal teas that can replace it, and are much better for their body. The best teas for these individuals are green, jasmine tea, a mix of both, marigold tea, thyme and mix of both.

Blood group B.

What is characteristic of these people is that they have a slower metabolism. Because of this they are often prone to obesity, insomnia and chronic fatigue. People with blood type B are most likely to prefer red tea, green tea, lemon balm, sage and bosom, or a mixture of the last three.

Blood group AB

These people have a strong instinct and an unbelievable capacity to cope with stress. Their weak point is their libido. They ought to dodge coffee or supplant it with tea. It is ideal to expend mint tea, green tea, a blend of both, yellow tea and cranberry tea.

Blood group 0

These people are best avoided milk and gluten. People with blood group 0 are very resistant to stress, but often have problems with the stomach and stomach acids. Coffee is not good for them at all and should be replaced with ginger tea, lemon balm or green tea.

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