The Best Protein Breakfast

Leaving the first and most important meal in the day – breakfast, is catastrophic for the figure and metabolism. Many people are deprived of food early in the morning, believing that they thus reduce calorie intake for the day. It’s a complete misconception. Omitting breakfast hides a risk not only from overeating in later hours of the day, but also from obesity.

Another investigation by the University of Missouri, or all the more explicitly at the School of Medicine, found that filling protein consumption in the first part of the day is critical for full utilization of energy, just as weight reduction. The analysts found that when breakfast is taken at 35 g protein, the sentiment of appetite during the day is extremely soaked, which means we eat a lot littler amounts. For comparison, when we eat 13 grams of protein, the results are not so good – hunger occurs soon after breakfast, and this moves away the allowed day for the day, because we consume more food.

Patients who participated in the study had a definite menu of 35g protein each morning. The control group patients were fed protein foods with protein, which they consume in their everyday lives. The first group had progressed to weakening. Patients reported that they feel hunger much less frequently and less intensely than before. Why is that? Protein is a particularly nutritious substance that requires more energy to be processed. Properly strengthens the work of metabolism. In this way, unnecessary fat burns and transforms the energy needed for the metabolism.

Example breakfast menu:

Fried eggs – 26 g proteins

It is best to prepare a whole egg + two yolks. Put the ready-to-eat protein on an integral piece of bread. You can add a tile white cheese, as well as 2 tablespoons of avocado.

Yogurt – 26 g of protein

1 cup yoghurt, mixed with 4 tablespoons almonds and 1 cup of fresh blueberries makes an ideal protein breakfast.

Toast with smoked salmon – 25 g proteins

Turn on 2 integral pieces in baking. Add 2 pieces of smoked salmon to them, and then spread them with 2 tablespoons cream cheese.

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