Estrogen – Main Culprit For Unbearable Headaches During PMS

Whether it’s stomach cramps, abrupt mood swings, an uncontrollable need for sweets or headaches, PMS is definitely the most hated month for any woman. However, it seems that these symptoms would not be so severe if the head stopped hurting.

Numerous ladies experience the ill effects of extreme headaches during premenstrual disorder, which are generally brought about by changes in the hormones in our body. They usually start before the cycle and last until the second or third day. When estrogen levels drop sharply, the headache occurs immediately. With lower estrogen levels, pain tolerance also decreases, so we become more sensitive to headaches.

These headaches often precede symptoms such as lack of sleep and dehydration. If you are prone to migraines, then doctors claim you have a 60% chance of suffering from PMS headaches. Their intensity knows how to climb to unbearable pain and usually occupy one half of the head, from where they spread to the rest. If the migraines culminate, it can be accompanied by stomach aches as well as severe nausea.

As indicated by specialists, on the off chance that you also experience this, at that point there is an approach to get ready for them. The best prevention is quality and healthy sleep, a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals and good hydration of the body. This means that you should consume up to 2 liters of water per day.

If these preventatives do not remove the pain, they should at least reduce it. In the meantime, while establishing a healthier habit, consult your doctor for painkillers as migraine itself can lead to nausea and dehydration.

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