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What You Can’t Eat On An Empty Stomach – Banana, Yogurt …

Regarding our health, proper selection of products we consume every day is of great importance. The way and time we ingest certain products is of the utmost importance, so it is advisable not to consume certain products on an empty stomach, even though they are essential for our body. The stomach just reacts differently when it’s full or empty, so we need to look after it.

Especially alcoholic drinks should be avoided on an empty stomach. Alcohol passes directly into the bloodstream, circulating throughout the body, causing swelling of the blood vessels, resulting in a temporary feeling of heat, a faster heartbeat, and lower blood pressure.

If the abdomen is full, it will reduce alcohol absorption and spread to vital organs, thereby reducing alcohol-induced damage.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is one of the most common mistakes many make. It raises the acidity of the stomach, which also induces gastrointestinal and acid barriers throughout the day. The best way to coat the stomach lining is to drink lemonade with a little honey a half hour before coffee.

Juices, even those freshly squeezed, lower blood glucose levels, which further increase hunger and should be avoided. Consuming carbonated beverages on an empty stomach lowers blood supply to the stomach and can damage the mucous membranes. Generally, they should be avoided throughout the day.

Yogurt is another product on an empty stomach that should be avoided. In other words, the high acidity of an empty stomach reduces all the benefits found in yogurt from the lactic acid bacteria.

Spicy food on an empty stomach can stimulate gastric acid production and damage the gastric mucosa.

In the opinion of many experts, not every fruit and vegetable is good for breakfast.

Although the banana is very healthy, it gives us energy and stimulates the digestive organs ‘ work, it contains large amounts of potassium and magnesium which leads to an imbalance in the blood of these substances.

Citrus fruits can cause problems in people suffering from esophageal inflammation, so this fruit should be avoided. Of course, you should avoid any fruit that causes an empty stomach.

The tomato is also very healthy and full of nutrients, but it contains high levels of tannic acid which increases acidity in the stomach and if your stomach is empty it can cause acids.

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