Why Do Our Hands And Feet Suffer And What Should We Do Then?

Stiffness, shortness of breath, “dead hand”, numbness in the soles … as you like to call it, we all know this feeling. Feet, palms, hands and feet are the parts of the body that often fall asleep, especially at night when we are lying down and sleeping. But why is this happening to us?

This weird feeling is in fact, experts say, a completely normal reaction to the body. It means you need to adjust your awkward stance with the nerves.

“The pressure puts stress on the nerves,” says German neurologist Catherine Hahn of the Berlin-based Harari University Hospital. If you’re healthy, you shouldn’t be concerned about stiffness. It’s a hint, on the contrary, that your vital functions are perfect, she says.

As it allows you to return to a comfortable position, breathing also has a preventive effect.

“If this signal was not sent by the nerves, there could be permanent damage,” Dr. Jan said.

If you feel tired, simply “wake up” your arm or leg by taking a comfortable position. You should not shake them, returning to normal will be enough.

“If the nerve has temporarily lost feeling, don’t worry. The feeling in the arm or leg will return very quickly, usually within minutes, ”she adds.

However, if it does not return after several hours, seek medical attention. You should see a doctor even if there is no apparent reason for stiffness or limb pain, experts warn.

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