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How To Keep An Eye On A Computer All Day Long

We’re all looking at a monitor for half a day, whether at work or at home, and spending our free time watching another screen-the one on the phone. For our eyes and eyes, it’s all very bad. With a few simple changes, however, you can do a lot and avoid problems with health and fatigue.

Rule 20-20-20

Ophthalmologists say that if you look at the monitor and phone all day, this rule is crucial. The rule means you have to pause for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes of work and look at a point that is at least 20 meters away.

This should be enough to relax the eye muscles and prevent redness of the eyes, headache and blurred vision. But you can even prevent even more problems such as focusing problems or nursing farsightedness.

Position of the monitor

How you are sitting and how your monitor is positioned is very important. At eye height, the top edge should be. If it is not possible to raise the monitor, put it on a book or lower the chair.

The thing is to look a little down. The middle of the screen should be under the horizontal line of sight from 15 to 20 degrees. That way you will at least tire your eyes out.

Text and colors

The text should be 3 times the smallest font you can read. As far as colors are concerned, it is ideal for the font to be black on a white background or pale yellow. Avoid vivid colors if you feel discomfort when looking at the eye itself telling you that the color of the font or background is not for you.

Glasses and lenses

The lenses tire your eyes more, so be sure to wear glasses several times a week. Apply anti-reflective protective coating on the glasses. Eye drops are always a good idea, as this will make your eyes feel more relaxed. They help even if you don’t have a diopter.

Level of light

It is important that the screen light is properly adjusted to match the ambient light. See that it is not the lightest when you are in a darker room and it is not too dark when you are in the light. You will feel the eyes again, if the light is too bright you will feel discomfort, if too small you will feel strained and unconsciously blinking.


Lastly do not forget to blink. Blinking naturally flushes your eyes with healing tears.

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