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Choosing Food Reveals What Is Going On In Your Body

Everyone has a great desire for certain things-a candy bar, a chip or a piece of bread and cheese. Feeling hungry is nothing strange, but in some cases your strong desire to eat certain foods can be a clear signal that your body is missing.

Take a look at what your body is trying to tell you by looking for certain foods:


There are people who definitely prefer salty foods, and often add extra salt to their dishes. This is quite normal and, in principle, not a cause for concern. But if you happen to not eat foods that aren’t extremely salty, it’s a sign of mineral imbalances in your body. You may be dehydrated as a result of diarrhea, heavy sweating or vomiting.

Sugar and all kinds of sweet delights

We all struggle with the desire for mildness. Sometimes we manage to minimize it, but sometimes we don’t. Unless you have an uncomfortable shake and feel like you are fainting if you do not bite mildly, you are probably suffering from low blood sugar. In those moments, you need to move fast, because consuming sugar makes you want more, and more, and more… And until your hands start to shake. To avoid being addicted to sugar, you need to take a small dose of sweets. In fact, it is best to consume slow carbohydrates so they can get into your bloodstream and stay hungry for longer.


Chocolate is separate from all other sweet experiences. Chocolate hunger is often thought to be a shortage of magnesium in the body, but the truth is that food is a much richer source of that mineral. The fact is it’s a good way to get energy and it’s only rational to bite when you think you’re missing energy. Chocolate’s intense need can also be a sign of stress. Its irreplaceable taste, which combines sugar and fat, has always had a lasting effect.

Pasta, pizza, bread and potatoes

Or to put it another way, carb lovers. Hunger also speaks of low blood sugar levels. The truth is, your body needs a slice of pizza or a plate of spaghetti when you need energy fast.


There is nothing better than a few bits of fresh cheese with a little grape and a glass of wine such as cheddar, camembert or brisket with a little grape and a glass of wine. A sinful pleasure, but life is not the same without it. If you usually experience a daily severe hunger for cheese, then something is wrong. These dairy products contain protein and calcium, but the truth is that there are foods that have richer sources of these substances. In most cases, hunger for cheese is interpreted as a lack of salt.

Red meat

A lack of iron in the blood speaks of the overwhelming desire for red meat. We are also used to feeling hungry for food that we often consume. So it is quite likely that if you eat red meat often, then you more often feel the desire for it.

Tea and coffee

If you are dying for tea and coffee but do not drink enough water and may be quite dehydrated. Another reason is your caffeine addiction.

Oily and fried foods

We all make mistakes occasionally with a cheeseburger or fried potatoes, but if you eat them every day, something is wrong. That means you have a mental, not a physical, need for these unhealthy foods. According to experts, the need for fatty foods speaks to emotional problems.

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