Eggplants As A Substitute For Meat And Why Should We Eat Them?

Now is the season for eggplants that are best consumed between August and October, and vegan cuisine recognizes them as a great alternative to meat because they are a good source of protein.

Some varieties have fruits that are heavy and up to kilograms, but in the world there are many varieties that vary in size and shape of fruit, color…

At 100 grams of fresh eggplant has just 24 calories, while boiled has 35, and is a rich wellspring of fiber, especially digestible cellulose, just as vitamins B1, K, C, An and folic acid.

What is known is the antioxidant sasunin, which is found in its outside layer, which shields our cells from devastation and is a free radical scavenger that influences the secretion of excess iron from the body. It is this cell reinforcement that can influence the counteractive action of cardiovascular disease as well as the prevention of cancer.

In the leaf and eggplant is solanine, which is also found in the potato and tomato peel, which is poisonous to humans while protecting the herb from intruders. Solanine is also credited with the bitter taste of tomatoes, but a dose of 200 mg is thought to cause poisoning. When it is neutralized in the intestine, it ceases to be poisonous. It is imagined that unequivocally in light of the harsh taste, blue tomato affects mitigating stomach issues and comparable stomach related issues.

To eliminate solanine completely, the tomato must be thermally processed in some way, and there are a number of ways it can be done: grilling, steaming, roasting or frying.

Eggplant has a low glycemic file so it is an excellent food for diabetics, and chlorogenic corrosive, which likewise has cell reinforcement movement, helps lower cholesterol levels.

When choosing an eggplant try to slim it down – if the skin comes back in place it means it is ripe and if it stays in the ditch it is not. Store them at a temperature of about 10 ° C, and do not cut beforehand as they quickly break down.

You can neutralize the bitter taste with salt before cooking. Cut the eggplant to the desired size, saute and let stand for 30 minutes.

They can be combined with many foods and are considered to be a complementary food that balances all other flavors.

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