7 Things That Tell You The Color Of Menstruation For Your Health, And Here’s The Time To Visit A Doctor

Have you at any point asked why your blood is distinctive in color all through your cycle? The color of the blood changes all through the menstrual cycle, and there is a contrast among this and the following monthly cycle, isn’t that so? This is what it implies and when it’s an ideal opportunity to visit your gynecologist.

At last there is a clarification that the color of period addresses your health and the general condition of your body and when the time has come to “be scared”.


The pink blood color of your menstrual cycle may signal that your estrogen levels have dropped a lot. If you are passionate about jogging it may also be one of the reasons your menstruation is lighter in color, as it is well known that intense exercise significantly reduces estrogen secretion.

Almost translucent color

This color may mean you are missing some of the nutrients in your body or you are at risk of ovarian cancer. What should boost your morale is that 2 percent of women have ovarian cancer, and dangerous ovarian disease is now easily remedied.

Dark red

The very dark red color of your cycle is an indication that some “more established” blood has stayed in your belly and has been there for quite a while. Nobody in the realm of prescription can clarify why this occurs, however they state it’s the most ordinary thing.

Dense menstruation with blood clots

Dense menstruation with very dark red lumps indicates that your progesterone levels are low and simultaneously estrogen levels in your body are high. By and large this doesn’t mean anything strange. However, if the lumps are very large and in large numbers then it is definitely a hormonal imbalance that can cause problems. You may have myomas so it is best to see a doctor.

Gray-red color

The gray color of menstruation or the reddish-gray color may indicate one of the following – you have a sexually transmitted disease or it is a miscarriage at an early stage of pregnancy. In the second variant, the previous cycle often misses the previous cycle. In any case, if such a period occurs, you should contact your gynecologist immediately.

Cranberry color

If the blood throughout your cycle is very similar to cranberry then it is a sign that you are “healthy and doing”. However, what you should know is that it is normal for one person and does not mean it is normal for every other person. If this is not your usual cycle color then you should neither expect nor worry about why the blood is not so.


The orange color simply like the red one can imply that you have a contamination. In the event that you have explicitly transmitted infection you can know it through the smell of feminine cycle, and you will likewise experience spasms and stomach torment.

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