Baking soda and lemon juice

A Powerful Combination That Cures Many Ailments: Baking Soda And Lemon Juice

Preparing soft drink is utilized to think about the body both remotely and inside. And if you add vitamin C found in lemon juice, at that point you get an incredible blend that secures the entire body.

Various favorable circumstances of this beverage have been found by research. A couple of drops of lemon juice mixed with baking soda can save your life.  That blend is fit for easing back the advancement of genuine sicknesses, and some research has shown that it destroys cancer cells.

Here are the benefits of baking soda and lemon juice:

Alkalises the body

The mix of lemon and baking soda alkalizes the entire body. It helps battle acidosis that can be caused when the kidneys are not discharging enough corrosive from the body or when the body is creating a lot of corrosive. This is additionally an extraordinary solution for the kidneys, facilitates their work and helps the body to cleanse and burn fat.


You’ve already heard that lemon speeds up digestion, but if we add a little bit of baking soda we’ll get a beautiful blend that successfully fights bloating.

Baking soda and lemon juice cleanse the body

This mixture cleans our liver, and a dose of vitamin C strengthens the body and helps it fight off viruses. For this reason, do not forget to drink lemonade every morning in which you have previously dissolved a small amount of baking soda. That way you will regulate cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular system.

How to use?

Ingredients: Half a lemon juice, a tablespoon of baking soda and a glass of water.

Preparation: Drain the lemon and add baking soda to that juice and soak it in water. Drink this lemonade on an empty stomach every morning for seven days. Take a 14-day break then return to treatment again.

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