The Apricots Hide An Elixir Of Longevity, And It’s Right There In The Part We All Throw Away

A few hypotheses guarantee that for the general health of the body and defense against cancer it is important to eat 7 apricot seeds a day.

Apricots are sweet fruit appropriate for making compotes, frozen yogurt and juice, they contain a seed that a considerable lot of us discard, unaware that the treasures of our health are hidden inside.

You can also buy apricot seeds as snacks, and you can bake them. They are good for snacks because their nutrition is very similar to that of almonds.

Apricot seeds are otherwise called a medication to support resistance, to battle the body against different body contaminations, and there is widespread debate over whether they contain lethargy and can help treat cancer patients.

They are rich in vitamin B 17, which is believed to cure cancer since prehistoric Egypt.

The first systematic study of vitamin B 17 dates from the beginning of the last century when the chemist Bohn cited an example of hydrocyanic acid being killed by cancer cells during distillation of water from bitter almonds.

Apricot seeds contain the highest concentration of vitamin B 17 on the planet. Its molecule contains units of sugar, one of cyanide and one of benzaldehyde that are released into the human body.

It is always better to choose those seeds that have a bitter taste because they have a higher concentration of vitamin B17.

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