Shaking hands

Your Hands Are Shaking? Is There A Reason To Be Worried

How dangerous is this condition? The body wants to send us some signs when there is a problem with it. Some changes in the body itself should not be disturbed, while some of them do not indicate anything serious.

What do shaking hands, white spots, or weak nails suggest?

Shaking hands

On the off chance that your hands are shaking wildly, you ought not freeze from the start since it might be an excess of caffeine or too little sleep. A few medications, for example, asthma and antidepressants, can cause this marvel. Notwithstanding, if your hands are shaking time and again the time has come to consider a to be as this can be a Parkinson’s ailment.

Nails that are easily brittle

In the event that you discover your nails are frail and weak, at that point you might miss zinc. It helps in nail reclamation and development. In the event that that is the explanation, at that point you should add it to your diet.

White nails stains

This phenomenon is mainly associated with bad eating habits, in particular the lack of zinc, calcium, iron in the body. The problem can be solved by supplements and consumption of foods containing the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Blue nail color

If your nails turn blue it means they don’t get enough oxygen. The cause may be airway disease or Rhineus syndrome, peripheral arterial disease.

This can lead to poor circulation, especially when temperatures are low. However, if your nails are constantly blue then you should seek medical help.

Slim, soft nails that fold easily

This appearance of nails can be caused by a deficiency of calcium or protein. Try to get enough dairy in the diet as well as sardines and spinach. If that doesn’t help, then it’s time to see a doctor.

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