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Human Organs Have “Twins” In Nature, Tomatoes For The Heart, Nuts For The Brain

Do you know that there are people in the world who choose food according to its appearance, not on whether it is fresh or not or whether it is organic or not, but on food that at first glance reminds one of the human organs. So, if a person wants to have a healthy heart, most meals are reduced to tomatoes.

If, however, a woman who believes that such a diet will help her become pregnant, she eats food that once blooms until her baby is ready to eat and takes nine months.


Try eating tomatoes regularly if you want a healthy heart and healthy blood vessels or if you have any health issues related to this vital organ. If the tomato is cut in the middle, you will see that it is very close to the human heart because it is split inside into four chambers and has a red color. Furthermore, these vegetables contain large amounts of calcium, which supports once again the claim that this food is a food that affects heart health perfectly.


If you cut a nut you would see that it resembles the human brain, that is, its nuclei look like the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. That’s why people want to eat it, believing it will deepen memory. and they will become much more intelligent.


In order to have healthy and strong bones, celery people eat it. Eating this diet on a daily basis has even been clinically proven to help build bones. Bones contain up to 23 percent of sodium, and if we don’t get enough of it from our diet, our body will start to consume the amount of sodium it requires from the bones, which will become very fragile and weak. Consequently, consuming celery is recommended as it contains significant amounts of sodium.


Avocado is recommended to eat daily and women should not spend a single day without consuming this food. Avocados help women balance hormones while preventing ovarian and ovarian cancer. The most interesting thing about this plant is the fact that after flowering until the process of development and ripening of the fruit, it takes exactly nine months.


In our country, hardly any man knows that consuming carrots helps to preserve our eyesight. If you cut a piece of carrot, you’ll see it’s very eye-reminiscent interior.


When you look at the ginger you will see that it looks like a stomach. Exactly this plant is used to treat gastrointestinal problems because by eating it regularly it will greatly help with stomach problems and uncomfortable flatulence. It contains a large number of enzymes, which are a kind of catalyst for the proteins contained in food.

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