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Physiologist Advises: Stand On One Leg And Find Out If Your Health Is Endangered

A physiologist discovers that a weakness with balance can indicate ill health.

Can you stand for an extended period of time on one leg without losing your balance? It’s worth a shot!

Don Skelton, a physiologist from Scotland, has uncovered what health issues this problem could signify.

According to the findings of experts, this skill deteriorates between the ages of 35 and 40, indicating a problem with the muscles as well as the brain’s function.

The body’s ability to manage and process information regarding its position in space, as well as the movement of muscles and joints, becomes progressively challenging.

As a result, according to the physiologist, training the stability of one leg helps not only to prevent mechanical injuries as a result of a fall, but also to minimize the risk of dementia.

“Nervous system diseases, inner ear diseases, cardiovascular disease, emotional disturbances, and many other ailments can cause imbalance, and some of these diseases might be fatal,” said Vladimir Parfjonov, a doctor at Sechenov University’s Department of Nervous Diseases.

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