The Brain Of Men Ages More Quickly And Is Susceptible To Neurological Diseases

The husband’s brain ages quicker than that of a lady, which may make him helpless against certain ailments, as indicated by another examination. The gray matter of men over the years has deteriorated more rapidly than in women.

The revelation can help in treating different neurological issues. Nervous system specialists at the University of Szeged in Hungary filtered the mind structure of 53 men and 50 ladies. The normal age of the members was 32 years, the most youngest at 21, and the oldest – at 58. In the report, scientists identified some serious differences between the sexes. They are predominantly in the parts of the brain that are responsible for the emotional processes. With age in men, these parts deteriorate more than women.

Another part of the brain, with similar trends, is the thalamus corresponding to the distribution of information to the brain. Previous studies have shown that men who get ill from the Parkins disease are twice as likely as women, but without the clear reason for this.

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