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Hand Massage – An Ancient Japanese Method That Eliminates All Pain

When you have health problems, the main activity is to see your primary care physician. Be that as it may, there are different approaches to check and reduce health problems.

This hand massage method allows you to identify problems in just a few minutes. It is believed that each finger is connected to a particular organ in the body and the pressure at precisely specified points can improve both physical and emotional health.

How does this method work?

For this method to work, try keeping the finger on the appropriate finger for 3 to 5 minutes.

Which finger is joined to which organ?


It is accepted that the thumb is associated with the abdomen and spleen.


This finger is related with the kidneys and bladder. Its incitement diminishes toothache, muscle aches, back pain and improves digestion.

Middle finger

This finger is related with the liver and gall bladder and can help battle headaches, weakness, menstrual issues and headaches the day before.

Home finger

It is associated with the lungs and colon. Massaging this finger helps with digestion, asthma, breathing problems and skin diseases.

Little finger

This finger is related with the heart and small digestion tracts and its incitement assists with coronary illness and throat pain.

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