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8 Bad Habits That Cause Back Pain

Back pain doesn’t necessarily have to be caused by a injury or disease. Even the healthiest people in their daily lives can feel the challenge and discomfort.

Read the following 8 causes of back pain that may surprise you.

  1. You sleep on an old mattress

A good mattress should be used for 8-10 years. If your spine hasn’t improved for more than 10 years, chances are your spine won’t get the help it needs. Replace the old mattress with a new one that is neither too soft nor too hard.

  1. You carry a heavy bag

When you are one of those people who want to move large things around the building, keep in mind that they won’t support your back. The wearing of a large bag on one shoulder often causes an imbalance between the body and the spine. Put a lighter bag on. The bag shouldn’t weigh more than 10 per cent of your body weight with anything inside.

  1. Wear flat shoes or high-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes make you bend your back, creating pressure on your joints. Flat and low shoes such as ballet or some sneakers can also be bad for your back, especially if you are lazy. Sandals that do not have a back strap are also a bad choice as they cause your feet to move from one side to the other, with your body weight being unevenly distributed. Each person has their ideal height of the stick, find your own.

  1. Hold on to anger

Researchers at one university have found that people who are more likely to forgive are less likely to feel bitter, depressed, angry, and less painful. Your emotions, tension in your muscles and thoughts can directly affect the intensity of the physical pain you feel. Not only is anger bad for your physical health, it also affects your emotional state.

  1. You sit all day

Bad news for all those who work at a computer – it’s very bad for your health. To those people who do physical work, sitting all day may look good, but most people do not sit upright while working at the computer 8 hours a day, causing back muscles to weaken due to inactivity. And seating generates 50 per cent more strain than standing on the back. If the workplace does not require you to operate on a higher bench to keep the back muscles continuously working, then often lean the back of the chair at an angle of 130 degrees to prevent compression of the spine discs. Also, holding your head straight when working on your screen, rather than moving it down, is very necessary.

  1. You’re under stress

When under stress the whole body is also under stress, including the muscles that contract and pinch in your neck and back. If you continue to stress, those stressed muscles won’t get a chance to relax, which in turn will cause back pain. There are several proven ways to lower levels of stress, including physical exercise, meditation and a hot bath.

  1. Do not exercise regularly

Sports shape and tone the muscles that hold your back. When you do not exercise enough, they become stiff and weak, and the spinal discs deform. Exercises that strengthen the back and abdomen are the best choice for those with back pain.

  1. Eat too much unhealthy food

Not surprisingly, high-calorie, low-nutrient intake leads to weight gain. Increased weight also negatively affects your back. Excess weight around the abdomen pulls the pelvis forward, which creates tension in the back. Overweight people have an increased risk of osteoarthritis. Reducing at least 5-10% of your body weight can improve the condition of your back.

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