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Why Do Your Feet Swell During The Summer And How To Deal With It?

Our bodies are affected by the high summer heat. Swollen legs, especially the feet and lower legs, are one of the side effects of hot weather.

Swelling can be caused by a variety of health issues as well as some drugs, in addition to high temperatures.

When the temperature outside rises, blood vessels dilate to cool the body. This has an effect on blood pressure and leg edema. Long periods of sitting or standing can produce leg swelling, owing to the fact that blood has a harder time returning to the heart.

Drink plenty of water on hot days to avoid dehydration, which is another cause of swollen legs.

People who have heart difficulties should be extra cautious. Swollen feet are typically a marker of poor cardiac function in them. Some medications, such as those for high blood pressure, might induce swelling, so talk to your doctor if this happens.

To keep your legs from swelling, press the muscles in your lower legs. Blood from the feet and lower legs will circulate more freely through the body and reach the heart in this manner.

If your workplace requires a long sitting, do not forget to take time for a short walk. The same is true if you stand for most of the day.

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