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Are Abdominal Fat More Dangerous Than General Obesity?

Obesity has been the subject of numerous studies. Healthy eating and physical activity are sometimes not enough. Some people with normal weight have fat in the abdomen, and this, it turns out, is not a lower risk factor for premature death.

Another investigation, distributed in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that stomach fat improves the probability of sudden passing brought about via cardiovascular malady in overweight individuals.

Individuals with such an issue have a similar health dangers as fat individuals, whose fat is dissipated all through the body.

That was the biggest surprise for researchers. They did not expect the risks for both groups to be identical. We are used to considering overweight people as the most at risk.

Researchers had expected that overweight individuals would have a lower danger of early cardiovascular horribleness and mortality than corpulent individuals, however the outcomes indicated something else.

The biggest surprise was that people with normal body mass index, but with accumulation of fat in the abdomen, were much more at risk of early death than obese people who were first affected by cardiovascular disease and then by death from complications.

The effect that stomach fat has on health is equivalent to half a pack of cigarettes a day, scientists say.

The survey covered more than 15,000 people and the follow-up was 14-15 years. Patients underwent a number of tests, including measurement of waist circumference, pelvis, thigh, weight, and height. There were 3222 deaths among the patients examined during this period.

Why would an overweight person have a lower risk of premature death than another with normal weight but with an accumulation of abdominal fat?

Research head Professor Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, executive of the Department of Preventive Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic, believes abdominal fat is particularly toxic to the body.

It’s quite different to have fatty deposits in any other part of your body – hips, legs, arms, buttocks. They do not even pose any risk to the body. While abdominal fat is an indicator of metabolic disease.

In addition, many studies in the field of diabetes prevention and metabolic disease have found that visceral fat is different from other fats. Substances of this type of fat cells penetrate deep into the abdominal cavity and pass through the colon and go directly to the liver where they cause enormous damage to health.

The abdominal area is very closely linked to a number of metabolic problems, including impaired glucose tolerance, low HDL or useful cholesterol levels, and high triglyceride levels. People with similar suffering usually have poor muscle mass and a higher percentage of fat deposits, not just under the skin but also in the organs.

The solution is a strict diet and regular regular physical activity.

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