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What Do We Know About Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is often bent as the main enemy of the cardiovascular system. People are advised to eat foods that lower cholesterol, but it does not appear to be the best advice.

Cholesterol is vital for the body. It takes an interest in various procedures at the cell level and unreasonable decrease can have even the contrary impact. As such, low dimensions of cholesterol can prompt major issues.

What do we know about cholesterol?

Cholesterol has great importance for health

Prophylaxis of blood vessel atherosclerosis does not exclude cholesterol. It actually helps cells regenerate and function normally. Even our own body produces cholesterol, and everything that is produced from it has meaning, while it’s within boundaries.

It should not be considered that cholesterol as a whole causes diseases

Inadvertently doctors separate cholesterol into terrible and great. This does not mean, in any case, that we ought not have awful cholesterol in the body. It is likewise required on the body.

Everything is in the quantity. To manage the best cholesterol, you should regularly consult a doctor and follow them at normal levels. This will reduce the risk of heart and circulatory diseases.

Cholesterol levels are not the same for life

Elderly and the level of cholesterol is increasing. Especially in women during, on and after menopause, an increase in cholesterol levels is observed, which is normal.

By nature, men tend to have higher cholesterol than women, making them more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. However, in older women over 70 years of age, cholesterol levels are higher than those of men of the same age. Scientists believe that this is due to a lack of estrogen in older women.

It is therefore important that cholesterol levels are monitored regularly and at any time.

Low-cholesterol foods can cause increased levels of their own cholesterol

One of the most common misconceptions about cholesterol is that it can be reduced if you eat foods poor on this matter. This is the most well-known bogus legend of cholesterol in patients.

Between saturated fats, milk fats and trans fats are the worst, as in transmisies, caloric intake is the lowest, but the amount of cholesterol produced is the highest.

So we should not hate all kinds of fats and put them under a common denominator. Not all fats are the cause of suffering, even saturated.

Before deciding to exclude fat from the menu, examine the cholesterol

It’s not mandatory to have elevated cholesterol, since you eat more meat, dairy items or different fats.

The organism of each person is individual and functions differently. So before you decide to fast it is good to check your cholesterol to make sure it is needed or not.

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