How To Stop The Sweet Craving Forever

Anyone who has had a diet knows how hard it is to give up sweet vices. You’re not to blame, in the words of neurologist Susan Pierce Thompson, but to the brain.

-There is an increase in insulin in our body when we eat too many sweet things which blocks leptin. The leptin hormone tells our brains we’ve eaten enough, meaning we’re going to continue eating and thereby disrupt our diet-he said. Pierce Pierce.

The doctor also points out that we must be aware that sweet food stimulates dopamine secretion, and if we decide to reduce our intake of sweets, we will actually want another piece of chocolate, just like the addict.

Susan believes that we must remove such food from home if we want our diet to succeed, and that can be achieved by four simple steps.

  1. Discarding sugary foods

The doctor finds this law to be the most significant of the four.

“If we remove sugar from our diet our brain and body can recover,” said the doctor.

  1. Reduce the intake of flour

Same with the sugar. Susan considers the flour a subtle seducer.

  1. Eat only three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

“When you get into a three-day meal schedule, you’re not going to long for unhealthy food because you’re going to know when the next meal is coming,” said the doctor.

  1. Measure your food

Your doctor recommends weighing your food before eating it. That way you will know exactly what you put into your body.

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