6 Scientific Reasons Why Monday Is The Worst Day Of The Week

We all already know – we don’t like Mondays, we miss out on tasks and it makes us anxious. But even for this there are reasons that come from prehistoric times.

According to MentalFlow magazine, science has highlighted six more reasons why Monday is the worst day of the week.

The sleeping habit

During the work week, many people have trouble sleeping or may not get enough sleep. Hence they are trying to make up for the weekend. Yet returning to the old habit on Monday mornings is a real shock to the system, even though you’ve only slept less than the weekend for an hour.


Another odd explanation Monday makes us feel bad is socializing. Our friends, however much we may not wish to admit to ourselves, take up a great deal of our time and life. That’s why we feel weird at the start of the work week,  because to some extent, we miss colleagues and feel the minimal euphoria and anxiety we will see again.

Sudden change in mood

Similar to Tuesdays, Sundays and Thursdays, Mondays are boring and more depressing. Given the upcoming weekend, Fridays are euphoric. But the sharp change in mood occurs on a Sunday night, Monday morning, as you move from activities you love to (and maybe want) activities you need.

You feel bad about yourself

You might have eaten more at weekends, drunk alcohol, smoked cigarettes … As strange as it may sound, your body does not feel good about it and it is normal that on Monday mornings you feel out of the flood.

Decreased health

Heart attacks are most normal on Mondays according to science and medicine and most people end up in hospital due to high blood pressure. The explanation for this figure has not yet been identified, but in these cases, doctors try to find out what is common to patients.

You don’t want your job

This is the most obvious of all the reasons. Children who hate school, students who do not like vocations, and adults who are not happy with their job, have proven to hate Mondays the most. That’s why staff often take Mondays as a day off, and students decide to miss classes.

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