Cerebral pain

Healthy Food For Cold Days

Cerebral pain, a sleeping disorder, weariness, despondency and diminished focus are signs that time influences us. If you want to strengthen your immunity in the right time and prepare your body for the cold days, enrich your diet with vitamin supplements such as teas, juices, honey, soups …

Teas and fruits juices fortify the body and invigorate the disposal of poisons, and thus help prevent the flu. It is prescribed likewise honey from thyme, lime, acacia.

The soup will warm your body, give you additional liquid and the essential electrolytes.

Pastry made from integral flour enriched with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and lan are excellent source of calcium, vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

In the eating regimen, present vegetables that are wealthy in nutrient A, for example, carrots, spinach, broccoli and you should eat products of the soil that contain a lot of nutrient C – peppers, orange, lemon, kiwi.

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