Nuts – For Good Health, Good Looks And Longevity

Nuts abound with proteins, herbal fibers and other substances that are good for your health, youthful looks and longevity.


Contains a high level of amino acids, B complex, Vitamin C, magnesium and flavonoids. Eat hazelnuts and decrease the sentiment of exhaustion and anxiety, you will accomplish better fixation and memory. Your skin will be strong and smooth. Hazelnuts are likewise gainful to the muscles, the cardiovascular framework, and glandular intestinal framework.


They consist of vitamin E, vitamin B complex, folic acid, arginine, coenzyme Q10. It invigorates constriction and energetic appearance and is prescribed to individuals with diabetes.


Notwithstanding being tasty, they are additionally sound and nutritious. It has been demonstrated to beneficially affect the heart, it brings down the dimension of cholesterol and glucose A large amount of antioxidants affect the strengthening of immunity, and even reduce the risk of tumors. High levels of potassium, and a low sodium level allows the evacuation of fluids, which is especially important for individuals with high blood pressure.


It is wealthy in magnesium, basic unsaturated fats, minerals and calcium. Helps bone recuperating in cracks, versatility of the skin, young looks and for the sound working of the heart.  It is recommended that you consume one hand nuts a day.


They influence the danger of heart issues. Decidedly influences the hair and skin. It causes a sentiment of satiety and diminishes cholesterol levels. It is wealthy in calcium, magnesium, E nutrient, solid monounsaturated fats. Daily need of almonds is 20 grams per day.

Indian nut

In the first place there is a large amount of antioxidant mineral called selenium. Selenium positively affects the fertility of the stronger sex. It is good for the cardiovascular system as well as for immunity. Daily need are 4 to 5 Indian nuts every day.

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