Sleeping immediately

How Long Does It Take To Get From Dinner To Sleep?

Sleeping immediately after dinner increases the risk of stroke by 66%, so it is recommended to spend at least one hour after dinner. This is a result of research by scientists from the Medical Faculty in Ionia, Greece. Scientists examined about 500 individuals, half of whom suffered a stroke and the other half acute coronary syndrome (a common form of heart disease with a decreased blood flow in the heart due to clogged arteries). Respondents were divided into two groups – those who waited 60 to 70 minutes after dinner, then went to sleep and those who went to bed immediately.

In the second group, individuals were bound to encounter a stroke, while individuals who held up somewhere in the range of 70 and 120 minutes were 76% secured. In addition, sleeping at least one hour after dinner reduces the risk of acute coronary syndrome. One of the consequences of too fast going to bed after eating is Reflux. In a loosening up position, the circumstance in which the stomach corrosive comes back to the throat is exacerbated, and the long haul outcomes are harm to the mucous film of the throat.

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