Herbs can not take care of every one of your issues and in this way you ought to counsel a specialist on the off chance that you see something isn’t right with your health. However, everyone has a home pharmacy where they need first aid when winter colds, nervousness, insomnia …

Here are some recipes:

Pain in the throat

You can prevent it if you already start drinking in the autumn each evening a cup of thyme tea. Put two tablespoons of dried thyme in a mug. Pour boiling water, leave for three to five minutes and drain.


You can fix bronchitis on the off chance that you make a blend of thyme and nettle tea in a liter of water. This tea ought to be consumed a few times each day.


You will alleviate and calm coughing by means of herbs that soothe and soften the mucous membrane. Prepare thyme, thyme and flowers from cheeses. Of every one of these herbs, take 10 grams and make tea with a liter of boiled water, and drink two to four cups a day.


On the off chance that you have ceased influenza, you ought to expend herbs that have an antibacterial impact. We as a whole realize that in such circumstances the garlic will smell, however you can attempt tea. Two tablespoons of thyme and the same amount of tea of yarrow grass with a liter of hot water. This will also be a good prevention against colds.


Increased temperatures mitigate herbs that have antibiotic properties and which refresh: chamomile tea, blueberry, tea from the bar …


If you are anemic, it would be best to make tea from nettle, add three tablespoons of dry nettle in a liter of boiled water. After 15 minutes, drain the tea and drink it for a month instead of water.


This illness is basic in ladies who are in middle age and it would not be terrible in the event that you have dried corn silk, a birch leaf, dried blueberries in your home pharmacy. Take 30 grams of every herb. This mixture is placed in half a liter of cold water for four hours, then boiling for 5 minutes and then squeeze out and drink three cups before eating.


Migraines can be reduced by coatings that are placed on the forehead or with hands and feet bundles. But you can also prepare tea from: 30 grams of mint, lemon balm and chamomile and 10 grams of rosemary leaf. These comprise of blending and taking three tablespoons and overflowing with 400 grams of boiling water. The tea coincides and after four hours the tea flows, adds honey to taste and drank instead of water.


Do not start the war with the “orange bark” shortly before summer. Herbs for cleansing the intestines and blood and for frequent urination will help you fight cellulite, and you can use them all winter if you prepare them on time. You need it: corn silk, thyme. In places where you have cellulite, put coats of prepared tea or prepare a bunch of 25 grams ivy and 25 grams of rosemary per liter of water. It would be good to consume mint tea and basil.


Before starting your medication, try to make the discomfort of menopause easier with natural remedies. Possible solution for your problems is in the following potion: a tablespoon of rose petals, mint and basil, rinse with a liter of boiled water and drink every night before going to bed.


If you have dream problems, the beneficial effects of lime tea are known. However, if you constantly persecute a sense of fear and anxiety, try the drink of fortune recommended by the famous French chefs. Take two tablespoons of mint, a lime bloom and a chamomile, and pour in a liter of boiled water. After 15 minutes, drain the tea and when it cools down, drink as much as you like.

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