The Secret Of The Flower Marigold

By undoubted beauty, the color of marigolds heals wounds, burns and infections.

The Latin name of this one-year herb is Calendula officinalis and has a root in the expression of the old Romans “calendar” – the main day of the month, which describes the character of the groom to bloom every month.

In the marigold family, twenty sorts of herbs are recorded, however for restorative and culinary purposes, they are solely utilized (Calendula officinalis). Its shape and shading looks like a sun that indicates striking affectability. Flowers open with the first sun rays and with its sunset they close. Due to the beauty of the marigold and the intensity of the colors that are retained even on the dried Latin, this magic herb is located in many myths and legends: it is believed to protect against sadness and that the sad ones cheer them.

Marigold, because of its medicinal properties, was also raised by the Egyptians, Hindus and Arabs, while in Europe its healing is recognized only in the 12th century. From that point forward it has been customarily utilized for the treatment of wounds, consumes, contaminations … At that point, as today, this herb has a wide reason in medical but also in culinary and cosmetic purposes.

The beautiful color of the dried roots and color and flavor replaces the saffron, so it is widely used, especially in the Mediterranean, as a spice herb in the production of cheese, butter, salads, screws, and so on. It is often used for staining foods, but also in factories for the production of hair dyes. However, throughout history and even today, marigold is mostly used for medical purposes. It can be said that it is the most widely used flower in the preparation of medicines for the treatment and skin care, and today it is part of the curative fat and cosmetic products of the most famous cosmetic houses.

In the marigold there are biologically active substances of a wide variety, from essential oils through natural colors to sapunins, flavonoids, triterpenes, and polysaccharides. In this “golden treasure trove” there are more than 50 units, which with its individual and joint action is credited with the wide use of this flower. Modern research has isolated a large number of these units and experiments have shown their pharmacological activity. Before its effective action it is gentle enough to be used in dermatologic-cosmetic products for extremely sensitive skin, as well as for the skin of babies.

Regardless of whether they are talking about cosmetic or dermatological products based on marigold, they in their own composition, according to the purpose, should contain the required amount of biologically active units. For certain groups of units to achieve their effect, for example, so that saponins and polysaccharides hydrate the skin, their concentration in the product must be appropriate.

It is a necessity that meets just the items that are entirely characterized and ensured the amount of usable blooms of marigold, ie secluded dynamic particles. Applying modern technological extraction methods enables it, and with them the necessary quantities of marigold flowers are brought into the technology for the efficient operation of the product. “A full cup of marigold flowers in the cream” is the amount of flowers with which the irritated skin can hydrate “calm” and only then detect the wretch and feel his healing. And it is believed that once when you get acquainted with the marigold and everything that he allows, an eternal friend gets acquainted.

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