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Black Tea Prevents Diabetes And Obesity

Individuals who drink the most dark tea least experience the ill effects of this metabolic disorder, from which more people get sick in the world, and have the least obese.

The analyzes in 50 countries found that the nations that drink most black tea have the lowest number of people with type 2 diabetes and obese people.

Scientists believe that the fermentation process that turns green tea into black causes the formation of complex flavonoids that are good for health.  In Ireland, most dark tea is expended, two kilograms for every year per capita, and Britain and Turkey are quickly following the list.

All three countries have the smallest number of people living with diabetes, contrasted with the nations recorded underneath: Brazil, Morocco and Mexico. Concentrates have been directed in light of the fact that the quantity of diabetics has expanded sixfold in the most recent decade. It is assessed that this figure will ascend from 285 million to 438 million individuals with sort 2 diabetes by 2030.

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