The cherry absolutely have a place among the most loved fruits, and it is scrumptious and loaded with medicinal properties. The main blame is that the season endures quickly.

Cherries for centuries in the people are known as fruit of a good voice that has many medicinal properties, and the latest research confirms it. They are wealthy in cell reinforcements, and research has demonstrated that they beneficially affect the counteractive action of coronary illness, bone health, and relief from discomfort. According to antioxidants, the flavonoids that rich cherries are worthy of it.

It is believed that due to the large amount of anthocyanin this fragrant fruit can reduce pain and that 20 cherries have better action than one aspirin. Because of the vast measure of boron, magnesium and calcium, they keep our bones, and as a result of the expansive measure of water and little calories they help diminish weight, and as a result of the mix of enemies of oxidants, the hair, nutrients and minerals purge blood and increment energy.

Depending on the healing properties of the fruit itself and the skin, the healing properties also include the loops. From loops, tea can be made that facilitates urine secretion and solves kidney stones problems. For tea it is necessary to put one hand loops in a liter of boiled water and let it boil for two minutes, then hold for about 15 minutes. Afterwards, drained and cooled tea is drunk in small sips throughout the day.

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