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Are Genes The Cause Of Mental Illness?

One of the greatest false about the advancement of an individual is the conviction that our character relies upon 100% of our genes. Although genes play a role in the development of a person, however, the factors that we are susceptible to in our environment are the most important thing that shapes and defines the character.

The belief that you can not be a better version of yourself, on the pretext that “you do not have good genes” or because you feel that you can not improve your behavior because the genes would restrict you in accomplishing that goal is a completely wrong way of thinking . By figuring out how to legitimately manage the outer impacts we are uncovered for the duration of our lives, we can shape our character, in the manner in which we wish.

The connection between personality disorders and genes

Some people go so far with these false beliefs, believing that they have a lack of self-esteem because they do not have such genes or feel they feel inferior because they lack a specific gene. If you are part of that group of people, we have good news for you: all these beliefs are just myths that you in some way gained during your life.  Essentially, the different educational encounters through which we go through our lives can be simply the primary explanation for our absence of confidence and the sentiment of lower esteem contrasted with the rest.

It is important to remember that none of us was born inferior or without self-confidence. Genes have no connection with these conditions. The circumstances you’ve looked in life have driven you to feel like that now. Precisely because of this, problems of this type are often called “personality disorders”. The ordinary, typical perspective is simply the sense certainty, not the switch situation.

Genetic tendencies and identity problems

On the off chance that you are perusing mental writing, at that point you more likely than not met with the expression “”genetic tendency” up until this point. Albeit numerous individuals have a genetic predisposition to build up certain mental issue, they could never experience the ill effects of them on the off chance that they better oversee life issues.

Did you realize that in excess of 300 million individuals around the globe, at various ages suffer from depression? Unfortunately, many tend to become depressed when faced with prolonged stress. However, it is important to emphasize that if some of these people learn how to better cope with stress, they will not end up in depression, even if they have a genetic tendency for psychological disorders.

Other people, however, bring this issue to an even more varied level and come to the conclusion that depression is caused exclusively by genetics, and because of this, they always recommend medication for people who suffer from this disorder, without offering any other possible solutions.

We are sure that you, like me, have heard the sentence “I am bipolar” more than once in my life, whether it was said as a joke or not. People who say such things do not think they have any particular mental disorder, but they believe that their identity and disorder are the same thing. These people do not say they are depressed, but bipolar, as if they linked this disorder to themselves and their personality.

Many people also believe shyness is a characteristic feature, but even though some studies link shyness to genetics, a number of factors should be taken in general to show a person’s shyness.

Do not blame the genetics for psychological problems

Do not be prey to these myths and do not block your personal development because of this limited belief. By overlooking your present character qualities, you will dependably have the capacity to enhance yourself in each feeling of the word and turn into a cheerful individual.

All you need to do to get to that state of mind is to make a decision, then do everything you know and know, to make this decision in a plan that you will passively pursue. Only then will you yourself notice the positive results that will result from such behavior.

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