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8 Things You Must Not Do After The Caesarean Section

Likewise with any medical procedure, it is essential to rest and offer time to the body to recoup after the caesarean section. Recuperating more often than not goes on for about a month and a half, and amid this period you ought to be watchful, that is, abstaining from doing certain things. See what it’s about.

  1. Avoid raising anything more difficult than your newborn baby as well as severe physical activity. Also, avoid commitments throughout your home as long as possible to get your wound faster.
  2. It isn’t prescribed to drive no less than about a month and a half after cesarean delivery. A few developments will cause torment and a couple of months after medical surgery.
  3. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids. Numerous ladies have an issue with the stool after the cesarean section on the grounds that the stomach is excessively delicate. Hence it is vital to drink a lot of water, to eat well and to move when you can.
  4. Avoid sleeping on the stomach. This can extend the recovery time. And of course it will be more convenient for you to sleep on your back or side.
  5. Avoid sexual intercourse 6 weeks after delivery. Sex can be excruciating and terrible, and the wound takes time to heal.
  6. Avoid stairs at least two weeks after the cesarean section. If the bedroom or the child’s room is on the top floor, it is best to temporarily move it down. When you begin climbing the stairs, go gradually and cautiously. You can likewise request that somebody help you amid the walk.
  7. If you have a fever or pain that does not pass and becomes stronger, do not ignore it. It can be a sign of infection.
  8. Avoid laying in a full bath, wash with hot water, as well as bathing in a pool until your wound heals and do not stop bleeding. Also, avoid using tampons.

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