Asthma – A Disease That Must Not Be Neglected, Treat It Properly

Asthma patients who don’t cling to the recommended treatments and depend on a pump to rapidly diminish side effects just intensify their sickness, as per ongoing world research. A study recently conducted at the Vulcoc Medical Research Institute in Australia has shown that life with asthma in people suffering from the disease who treat only their symptoms and not the illness itself is much more difficult compared to those who treat asthma regularly use anti-inflammatory cramps.

“The worst possible thing an asthmatic can do for his health is to not adhere to the prescribed therapy, that is, not to use an anti-inflammatory medicine but to treat it with pumps to quickly disappear symptoms. Notwithstanding not treating the ailment but rather the indications, neither that pump will have any effect, because it is very different if you treat the bronchitis regularly, so when it comes to attack it is not so difficult. And when you forget the disease and the attacks are very strong. “

Nonetheless, numerous overall examinations have appeared a lot more are abusing pumps to facilitate ease, which makes the number of hospitalized people with asthma rising.

“If you have asthma, it is important to frequently visit a pulmonologist for amendment of treatment, since today there are a wide range of treatments that did not exist 5-10 years back, and the sickness itself is known substantially more so the pulmonologist may change the treatment with which you will better control your ailment. “

Recent research has shown that the number of asthma sufferers is much higher and that by 2025 there will be 400 million people in the world suffering from asthma. However, data show that as many as 63% of asthmatics help themselves with a pump to quickly disappear their symptoms, and only 23% of those who are ill do a regular therapy involving inhaled corticosteroids.

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