Homemade Good Peeling Against Cellulite: Coffee, Salt And Coconut Oil …

Cellulite is a standout popular the most well known female “foes”, and it has almost every woman in the world.

Other than exercising and drinking a lot of water, you additionally require a quality stripping, which will boost the circulation and make the undesirable appearance of the orange peel make it less visible with its help.

For this peeling you only need three ingredients – ground coffee, fine sea salt and coconut oil. Smells genius!


In a cup of ground coffee, include six tablespoons of dissolved coconut oil and three tablespoons of salt, so mix all the ingredients well.


Before showering, with a characteristic hair brush “on dry”, rub the part where you have cellulite, to increase circulation and prepare the skin to soak the peeling ingredients.

During showering, apply wet peelings to the wet skin with circular movements. The longer the masseurs, the result will be better. Caffee caffeine will invigorate the dissemination and fundamentally fix the skin, the grains from the salt will make the intense peeling, and the coconut oil will nourish and soften the skin.

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