Honey and walnuts

Honey And Walnuts Treat The Anemia And Strengthen The Heart

The blend of these two ingredients is particularly effective  in individuals who are depleted and have poor blood, and it is additionally appropriate for treating hypertension. We present you the recipe for how to prepare that medicine.

Joined with honey, the walnut is a remarkable characteristic cure since it guarantees the body with all the essential  vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and sugars.

The mixture of these two ingredients particularly works when you are exhausted and if you have weak blood.

The medicine is prepared so that 500 grams of honey will be mixed with the same crushed walnuts and one lemon. This blend is taken one tablespoon each three to four hours until the point when you notice an improvement.

To treat hypertension and anemia caused by reduced iron, 100 grams of nuts with the same amount of honey should be introduced daily, and this should be practiced for 45 days.

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