Stains Bananas Are Healthy

There is no man who does not like bananas. They are a favorite fruit of everyone regardless of age, profession or other criteria. Most of all they still love athletes. The popularity of bananas is due not only to its taste but also to the multitude of vitamins and minerals that are extremely healthy.

An average banana has 110 calories, is wealthy in potassium, manganese, nutrient B6 and C, just as fiber. It doesn’t contain cholesterol and fat, and paste can serve as an oil replacement.

It has been proven that it is wise to eat a banana rather than a sweet caffeinated drink. Also, that is not all. As indicated by Japanese research, bananas whose bark has dark brown spots produce a fixing that demolishes tumor cells.

It is a tumor corruption factor (TNF) that battles against unusual cells. The darker the bark and the more recolored the stain, the more grounded the counter cancer-causing elements of bananas. In addition, after a stormy night accompanied by a few glasses of wine, the banana will be your great ally in the fight against hangover. The merit is potassium. Doctors and nutritionists advise consuming a banana before bedtime for good sleep. Daily consumption of this fruit also helps to improve immunity, which is especially important during colds, viruses and flu.

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