Alcohol Withdrawal Helps Reduce Weight

Researchers at the University of Philadelphia have discovered that any eating regimen can be progressively viable and lead to quick and dependable weight reduction when the main rule is respected – to refrain from drinking alcohol.

A complete ban on the use of any alcohol allowed not only to reduce the body mass index, but to slow down the development or to reduce the condition of type 2 diabetes.

Scientists have analyzed data on 4,000 overweight patients.

It has been established that even short-term alcohol use reduces the effect of any diet, even on the most rigorous.

Sworn drinkers have practically no chance to lose weight, and the accumulated effect of alcohol consumption does not allow for significant results for a 4-year period after the cancellation of the use of alcoholic beverages.

Drinking alcohol does not actually affect short-term body weight. Scientists have concluded that the only harmful effect is the long-term use of alcohol.

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