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Present day science, like traditional medicine, profoundly acknowledges this medicine.

We should stress that this medicine is extremely prevalent with Russian specialists in elective medication. To start, prepare turmeric paste this way:

Required Ingredients:

  • 40 g turmeric powder,
  • 100-150 ml of water.

Pour turmeric powder into water and mix. Cook for around 8 minutes until the substance thickens. Stir constantly. On the off chance that the blend is excessively thick, include some water. The blend should look like thick yogurt.

During this time prepare milk:

  • 250 ml of milk,
  • 2 tablespoons (40 ml) of crude (unrefined) almond oil (optional),
  • Honey to taste.

Boil the milk and add the almond oil. Pull it out of the fire and pour it into a glass. Add 1 teaspoon ready turmeric. Sweet with honey to your liking.

Turmeric cans can be prepared in large quantities for a longer period of time. In the frozen state, it stores its properties for 40 days. Keep the paste in the refrigerator.

Important: Those who have problems with the gallbladder are better not to risk, because the curcuma has a deuteric effect.

What is curative treatment?

Present day science, like traditional medicine, exceptionally acknowledges this medicine. Yellow alkaloid turmeric is the fundamental dynamic element of the herb. The turmeric’s healing properties are explained by the pungent taste of this plant that kills the parasites, destroys the mucus, fat, adhesive toxins, stimulates blood circulation and complete metabolism. Harsh taste is the best cure against harming, fever, aggravation, blood and skin ailments.

It also removes the deposits of sticky toxins, ulcers, fats, sweat, pus, itching, cleanses breast milk, uterus and liver. Turmeric can be purchased at any better-equipped food store as a self-contained spice.

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