Several Reasons Why You Should Eat Onions

Gentle cooling, metal cleaning, first aid when food is burning … these are just a few of the unusual uses of onions.

Rich in antioxidants, it can help anticipate malignancy, diabetes, and even colds, so the onion is a very powerful vegetable.  But that’s not all. Similar characteristics that make a lot of groceriness make it an extraordinary “weapon” for different things, from getting the skin the cleaning of metals.

Here are some other ways you can use this vegetable …

If you rub a piece of onion on the skin, mosquitoes and insects will be farther away from you.

Did you not listen to the previous advice? Frying with onions at the place where an insect has battered you will lower the side.

Tea onions is an incredible solution for quieting the sore throat. Boil several onions of onion, strain the liquid, and the tea is ready for consumption.

Frying with onions at the burn site will reduce the pain.

Did you forget the rice of the stove so he bit a little bit tanned? No need to throw it. Put half a piece of onion in the rice. He will soak the unpleasant smell.

Cut one head of onions and begin the barbecue. Utilize a fork with the onions through the flame broil until you clear it.

Chop the onions and then pump it. Stir with water. Dip the cloth into the resulting mixture and clean the metal surfaces.

The same blend of metal polishing can help you to solve the unpleasant, and sometimes unhealthy, odor of paint and varnish.

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