A National Medicine That Treats Insomnia And Depression

It works well against exhaustion, restores strength and improves mood …

Rosemary is a source of beneficial essential oil, which includes camphor, cuneole, pinen. In addition, it also contains bitter substances, choline, tannin, resin …

Our folk medicine regularly utilizes rosemary as a methods for better blood flow, an expansion in low blood pressure. He likewise fixes kid’s sickness, he redresses hunger, works positively on the stomach, restores the exhausted organism, corrects mood, reduces nervousness, tension, removes anxiety.

Due to the positive influence of circulation, this herb also relieves menstrual pain and can help with the absence of menstruation.

In the event that rosemary tea is devoured at night, it will diminish the need for sleep.

The rosemary tea (as well as the rosemary liners) reduces the cerebral pain, especially that caused by excessive psychological burden.

In case of long-lasting fatigue and exhaustion, the three-herbaceous elixir – put one liter of black wine in a larger jar, then add 30 grams of rosemary flowers, 30 grams of thyme and 50 grams of  Common sage leaves.

This blend should remain in a well-shut container for three days, iin a dark place. Then strain the contents of the jar and drink a small cup three times a day after eating.

It works well against exhaustion, restores strength and improves mood.

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