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How To Maintain The Whiteness Of Your Teeth?

Okay be astounded to locate that white wine may have a worse affect your teeth than red?  Do you know that the strawberries have an irritating tooth? Here are a few hints to enable you to counter the stains of your teeth and keep your grin magnificent white. Dr. Irvin Smileel, Justin Timberlake’s own dental specialist, Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp and numerous other world VIPs, share tips on safeguarding the whiteness of teeth and their brilliance:

1.White wine can cause more stains on the teeth of red since it has more acids. The high degree of acidity is the reason why white wine produces more stains from tea, coffee, and everything else that we eat or drink, and it is colored. Such are: ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, spaghetti sauce and all grains. Acid destroys the characteristic coating of the teeth, creating harsh points and holes that become the target of colored foods and beverages.

2.To reduce the effect of acid, rinse your mouth with water between the sinuous wine and between the bites of the strongly colored food you consume. Drinking water and eating bread with such stain-causing agents affects the neutralization of acidity and thus reduces the harmful effect.

3.Brushing your teeth is not recommended immediately after eating food or drinking a drink with a high degree of acidity. The tooth’s eye is already weakened by acid and sugar, and brushing will cause further erodation of the teeth. In this case, it is best to wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. It is even better to use a gel or a rinse aid with a bleaching effect. This way, you can immediately rub your teeth after drinking wine or eating foods without needing to destroy them with a brush. You will reduce stains and prevent further damage. Such products are of dual benefit, and you can also find small packs that you will always wear in your purse or pocket.

4.Strawberries are one of the best home-made teeth whitening teeth. Starch acid does not allow to lose color on the surface of the tooth and acts bleaching. The ingredient that gives the sour taste of fruit, in addition to the strawberries, is also found in the grapes. The most effective whitening with this fruit will be achieved when it is ripe, but not when taken, since it already loses this ingredient.

5.80% of the reasons for terrible breath are brought about by microbes that are held in the tongue. Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush won’t expel the microorganisms, however will just blow them through the mouth. In this way, it is ideal to utilize extraordinary language cleaners that can effectively crush terrible breath.

6.Chewing gum without sugar after meals will stimulate sputum secretion, which acts as a natural kidney and removes some stains from the teeth. Even water spillage, if you do not have anything at hand, will remove at least some of the stains.

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