7 Strange Things That Increase Your Risk Of Cancer

We all know the basics for avoiding cancer – do not smoke, apply sunscreen, avoid red meat, and stay away from air pollution. But there are things that increase the risk of cancer, but they get much less attention. Look at the 7 things that increase your risk of cancer.

1.Hot tea

Drinking tea may appear to be a sound method to manage pressure, and green tea may even diminish the risk of cancer. However, hold up first to cool. Drinking tea that is almost hot may increase the risk of esophageal cancer, at least according to a study from 2018 from China.

The exploration required around 450,000 individuals and analysts found that the individuals who normally drank hot tea, smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol,  had 5 times more chances of getting cancer of the esophagus than those who did not do these things.  Extreme warmth of tea can damage the tissue of the esophagus, thereby increasing the damage inflicted by smoke from cigarettes and alcohol.


One way to reduce the risk of cancer is to move. Physical activity is associated with a reduction in the risk of some of the most common cancers, including the liver, colon, and breast. One study showed that exercise reduces the risk of all cancers by 7%. However, it is not clear how exercise has this effect.

3.Great height

Higher individuals are bound to get cancer than the lower ones. An investigation from 2018 found that each 10 centimeters increasingly expanded the risk of cancer by 10%. Although it is not clear how high the cancer can have, researchers have concluded that probably high-rise people have more cells, so most can become cancerous.

4.Grill smoke

Summer grills are not as innocent as they seem. Individuals sitting excessively near the barbecue can retain hurtful synthetic concoctions from smoke. These chemicals are carcinogenic, or cause cancer. The researchers pointed out that people who absorbed substances through the skin had a lower level of them than those who only ate meat, but the problem was that they inhaled. It is best to cover the grill or to dress more.

5.Breast implants

As indicated by an overview, ladies with certain bosom inserts may confront an uncommon sort of lymphoma. This type of cancer is not breast cancer, yet these cells begin from the cells of the immune system. However, the overall risk is very small. The researchers estimated that out of 7,000 women who put in implants, only one will face the disease until they reach the age of 75.


Waxing may not be such a good idea. The researchers estimated that 5% of new cases of cancer and 6% of cancer deaths are directly related to alcohol consumption annually. The researchers stressed that even moderate drinking can increase the risk of the disease.


High body weight can expand the danger of more than 10 types of cancers. In a study, people who were obese or overweight had an almost twice as high risk of esophageal cancer, stomach, liver and kidney as opposed to people of normal weight.

What does not cause cancer?

So it seems that wherever you turn, you will find a cause for cancer. But we also have good news. The researchers believe there is no connection between the electromagnetic signals of the phones and the risk of cancer. In a 10-year study released this year, the researchers followed the effects of radiation with a very high radio frequency on mice cancer. They concluded that there is no evidence that radiation with radio frequency is harmful to human health.

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