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How Harmful Is Air Pollution And How To Protect Yourself?

Air pollution is becoming increasingly important topic. Although there may be some progress, exhaust gases from cars and factories still pose a threat to all lung creatures. Is getting out is the same as if you smoked a pack of cigarettes? What can we do to protect ourselves from pollution?

The danger of polluted air

Albeit as per the information from 1970 to date, the outflow of unsafe gases has been lessened by 70%, the impacts of the dirtied air can not be neglected. According to a report, air pollution was responsible for the deaths of 9 million people only in 2015.

There are 2 things that most concern specialists. The first is the ozone, the one that is shaped when the outflow of fuel from the fuel makes a brown haze. This brown haze aggravates the lungs, diminishes their adequacy and can cause asthma, however different issues all through life.

The second thing are airborne particles, which, albeit under 2.5 micrometers, still convey contaminants, including polycyclic sweet-smelling hydrocarbons. The harm that makes these particles is substantially more noteworthy than lung issues and asthma. Since the particles are little, they effortlessly go through the channels and enter our nose and throats. From that point they wind up in our blood and are exploded everywhere throughout the body. They can cause different cardiovascular issues, and in addition neurodegenerative maladies. It has been demonstrated that pregnant ladies presented to these particles have a higher danger of bringing forth a youngster with a lower IQ or with hyperactivity issue and lessened consideration. Also, air pollution was associated with increased childhood obesity.

air pollution
Also, air pollution was associated with increased childhood obesity.

What can you do about this?

The simplest solution would be to leave the polluted city, but we know it is an option that many can not afford. In that case, there are some other steps that you can download.

Do not practice outside when the air is very polluted

Today there are various applications and websites that allow you to see the air quality in your city. Keep in mind that when the air pollution is higher, the chances are that the air will be polluted in your home if you live in a building. When exercising you inhale more than usual, so avoid physical activity these days.

Practice in parks instead of busy streets

Likewise, abstain from driving amid high automobile overloads. This will have a major effect to your lungs.

Keep the air clean at home

Use ventilation when cooking and avoid cooking on open flames. It is best to avoid any kind of incineration in your home.

air pollution
It is best to avoid any kind of incineration in your home.

Get an air filter

In spite of the fact that these channels are extremely costly, on the off chance that you live in an exceptionally dirtied place, it merits putting resources into something like this.

Put the plants in the house

Natural air filters can take care of carbon dioxide as well as other air pollutants.

Keep it healthy

A diet rich in nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can reduce damage from polluted air. Nutrients like Vitamin C help your body create protection against the dangerous molecules that you inhale.

Use clean energy

If possible, try to use clean energy. This is true for your car. However, the biggest polluters in the cities are the vehicles.

Be active

The real answer to this problem is the action of the government and the industry.
To help reduce pollution, start local. Take part in meetings and try to encourage others to act on this issue. For example, use a public transport instead of a car. Motivate someone else to do the same.

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