The Herb That Was Once Considered Poisonous Is Now The Biggest Ally In Health Care

Basil is a plant native to India that grows to 20-60 cm tall. There are approximately 150 basil species worldwide. It is found in many lands and cultures. It has long been considered poisonous, but today it is one of the best herbs for our health.

There are approximately 150 basil species worldwide.

Great for:

– inflammation of the oral cavity

– hard stool treatment

– against intestinal cramps

– bloating

– nausea

– inflammation of the kidneys and ovaries

– irregular menstruation

It has an antiseptic effect, and is used to heal wounds, treat acne and various inflammations of the skin, encourage sweating and reduce body temperature. It is also great against insect bites because its strong odor removes insects, but it soothes bites after a bite.

This calms irritability, anxiety and restlessness and enhances mood.

Preparation method:

Pour 1 spoonful of basil with 2 dl of boiled water. Turn on and struggle for 5 minutes.

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