The Healthiest Herbs And Spices And How They Improve Your Health

Preliminary evidence suggests sage will relieve some of the Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Make sage tea if you have trouble with your stomach, or if you are suffering from a cold, sore throat. Sage tea cuts down on sore throats.

Rosemary is a strong antioxidant, which increases blood flow to the brain and protects the brain from free radicals, thus reducing the risk of stroke and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Sage tea cuts down on sore throats.

Mint tea is commonly used to alleviate stomach pain but mint also stimulates digestion. Mint also helps with the condition of vomiting, flatulence and irritable bowel.

Parsley is an extremely rich source of vitamins A and C, helping to improve immunity, and helping to protect the cardiovascular system particularly. Peregrine tea is sometimes used to alleviate symptoms of infections in the urinary tract.

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry yellow color, and is used primarily in Indian cuisine and medicine. Studies in recent years has steadily demonstrated its ability to fight cancer. It contains substances which diminish tumor growth.

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