Top 5 Traditional Natural Remedies: Best Ally for Strengthening Immunity

If we feel tired or like we will get sick, we still go back to conventional natural remedies, but if we use them before we develop cold symptoms our body will be healthy and resilient!

Top 5 Traditional Natural Remedies: Best Ally for Strengthening Immunity


Contains inhibin, a natural antibiotic that kills bacteria. Therefore, always add a teaspoon of honey to your tea. It is also good to drink lukewarm water with honey, lemon and ginger. It is recommended in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Citrus fruits

Good for immune building as it’s high in vitamin C. It affects the blood vessels positively-it strengthens their walls and stops bacteria from entering the bloodstream.


Almonds are also a balanced meal besides improving the immunity. One handful of almonds provides half of our daily requirement for vitamin E. They also eliminate body free radicals which make us older.


It contains natural antibiotic allicine, excellent for treating colds. It has antibacterial effects, as well. This also serves as an antioxidant and can assist in tumor prevention.


This strengthens the immune system, reduces stomach upsets, increases concentration, is helpful for digestion.

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