Why I Use Cilantro In My Water Daily. It Can Literally Save You A lot Of Money

The tap water we drink every day contains far more than you may realise.

It contains fluoride, chlorine, and varied levels of dissolved minerals such as magnesium, sulphates, bicarbonates, calcium, sodium, chlorides, sulphates, and aluminium, iron, herbicides, insecticides, manganese, copper, and nitrates.

According to the Associated Press, a study of 24 municipal tap waters revealed that our drinking water sources include trace levels of medicines such as hormones, antibiotics, mood stabilisers, and other chemicals.

Heavy metals accumulate in the body, causing a variety of health problems and affecting all organs.

Heavy metals have been linked to major health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, kidney failure, epilepsy, behavioural issues, and Parkinson’s disease, according to research.

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Nonetheless, cilantro’s helpful qualities successfully filter water while absorbing heavy metals and pollutants. It contains chemical agents that bind to certain metals and wrest them from the tissues, allowing them to be removed from the system.

However, its potency rests in the structure of the outer walls of microscopic cells, which allows heavy metal absorption.

A research team lead by Douglas Schauer from Ivy Tech Community College in Lafayette, Indiana, and a team of Mexican researchers discovered that cilantro leaves are the cheapest way to filter water and can be used to purify filthy water in underprivileged areas.

They evaluated numerous plant samples and discovered that this plant is the most effective and potent bio- absorbent material in Mexico City’s Tule Valley, which has severely contaminated water with nickel and lead.

The cilantro bio-absorbent can be used instead of the typical charcoal, which is more expensive, in order to capture metal toxicity.

According to Schauer:

“We can handle organic toxins fairly easily with a variety of methods, but the only way to truly get rid of those heavy metals is to treat them with filtering agents like activated charcoal, which is quite expensive.” They are a little pricey for us to use, but they are really pricey for the people who live in that area.”

To use cilantro’s cleansing properties, simply place a handful of it in a pitcher or 2l of very dirty water.

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