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Shocking Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Didn’t Know! ( Must Know )

Corn has been on the list of nutritious foods for quite some time, and it is actually helpful to human health.

However, maize silk, the texture that covers the corn itself, is significantly more nutritious and should never be discarded. The strands found beneath the green maize leaves are exactly what you need to keep your health in top shape. It is simple to locate and even simpler to extract and ingest.

If you’re not familiar with the health advantages of maize silk, keep reading to find out:

Here are some of the many advantages of corn silk:

1. Protects Against Kidney Stones

Corn was traditionally used to cure kidney stones. Maize silk has the capacity to prevent the formation of crystals within the kidneys. However, if you already have kidney stones, maize silk will not help.

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2. Preventing Blood Clots:

Corn silk, due to its high vitamin K concentration, aids in the treatment of blood clots while also protecting the body from blood loss. The key ingredient that aids in this is, of course, vitamin K.

3. Blood Sugar Control:

Many research have established the positive effect of corn silk on blood sugar regulation and balance. Corn silk benefits your health by raising insulin levels and healing damaged pancreatic cells.

4. Cholesterol Balance:

Consuming corn silk can readily treat high cholesterol levels in the body. This also means that there are numerous additional cardiovascular diseases- maize silk is the key!

5. Diuretic (natural):

When corn silk is utilised on a regular basis, excess fluids and bodily poisons are removed from the organism. Furthermore, maize can prevent the body from many urinary tract infections (UTI).

Consumption and use

You can consume maize silk exactly as it is. You can also boil silk corn water and drink it hot or cold. Lemon juice can be used to enhance the flavour.

Corn silk water can be stored in a jar for one day and exposed to direct sunshine. The next night, add honey to the water and drink as needed.

Consuming corn means utilising organic corn rather than pesticide-sprayed maize.

IMPORTANT: Pregnant women should avoid using maize silk. Consult your doctor before beginning to consume it to avoid health complications, such as miscarriage.

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