Cheap Way To Get Rid Of Head Lice That Doctors Won’t Tell You

Lice can affect both children and adults, while infants are more vulnerable to this unpleasant condition.

Head lice spread and multiply quickly, causing extreme itching and damage that lasts if not treated promptly. These tiny insects feed on head blood and are highly contagious. Many cures are available on the market, and while some are beneficial, they can be costly and manufactured.

The itchiness caused by lice can result in several illnesses and scar tissue. What you need to do is ignore everything you think you know about getting rid of lice and follow this all-natural and very effective lice treatment.

Here it is:

Ingredients and supplies:

  • Listerine mouthwash (or any other mouthwash of your choosing)
  • Lice comb
  • White vinegar.
  • A couple of towels.
  • Shower cup or plastic bags


Mouthwash should be used to completely wet the head. Wrap hair in a plastic bag or use a shower hat to protect it. After an hour, remove the cap or bag from the mouthwash.

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Repeat the wash, this time with white vinegar. Cover hair with a cap or a bag again and leave it for another hour. Remove the cap or bag and shampoo your hair as usual. Finally, comb your hair with a lice comb to finish.

The first results are immediate, and this simple and effective procedure will cost you nearly nothing.

Because of the peppermint ingredient, the Listerine odour will kill the lice. You can also make a Listerine spray and apply it to your hair before you leave the house.

Why Does This Treatment Work:

  • It is absolutely toxin and chemical-free
  • It is permanent- the lice are not likely to reappear
  • It is cheap
  • There is nothing hazardous or health threatening about the treatment for both kids and adults
  • The hair also gains in shine, health and strength by doing this treatment

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