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Baking Soda And This is The Worst Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Even while baking soda can be obtained in almost every home, only a few people make full use of it.

Baking soda, despite its well-known characteristics for cleaning, baking, and scraping, can be utilised in a variety of other ways, particularly to boost overall health.

Furthermore, it is cheap and can be used to cure a variety of health diseases and issues without the need of hazardous and expensive drugs.

It can also be used to treat aches, acne, numerous symptoms, and even severe diseases.

Baking soda was first used as a medicine in 1924, when Arm & Hammer used it to cure and prevent the common cold and flu. They discovered that consuming it diluted in water avoided and alleviated these ailments.

Furthermore, baking soda efficiently heals ulcer pain since it can substitute anti-acid medicines and neutralise the pH of the stomach, thus easing ulcer symptoms.

However, changing one’s lifestyle habits and reducing stress are required, but the oral use of baking soda substantially contributes to the treatment of the problem.

It is slightly more alkaline than blood and helps deliver oxygen to the body while also raising pH levels if they are too low. As a result, it is extremely effective in a variety of illnesses caused by acidity or oxygen deprivation.

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Because we live in an acidic and chemical-laden environment, every cell in the body will benefit from the use of baking soda.

Baking soda is recommended by experts for arthritis, ulcers, cancer, diabetes, skin disorders (from scars to sunburn to acne), and cardiovascular disease. It can also be used to treat sunburns, as a foot bath, and to make natural aluminum-free baking soda-based deodorants.

It oxygenates the body and so facilitates direct access to extra oxygen, particularly in cells that lack it. It alkalinizes the body and promotes a more alkaline, healthy environment.

However, consuming it in water is not the greatest approach because water gets directly into the gut, which should be acidic in order to breakdown hard food. As a result, the digestive system and the gut may be weakened.

When combined with pink Himalayan salt, which includes 84 minerals and high levels of electrolytes that support cell health, the entire body, and the neurological system, you get a fantastic all-natural cure.

In this manner, you will produce mineral-rich water that contains more oxygen and hydrogen for cells, as well as a pH balance that efficiently alkalizes, oxygenates, and hydrates the body.

Furthermore, as a modulator and carrier, it will balance the pH of the blood and so regulate the pH levels of all organs in the body.

This mixture will also oxygenate and regulate the lungs and kidneys, ensuring balanced ph levels throughout the body and more oxygen.

The pH of the body should be between 7.35-7.45 for optimal health. This water will maintain the equilibrium and keep the pH levels in the blood close to ideal.

Baking soda in water has a pH of 8.2, while Himalayan pink salt has a pH of roughly 6.50. As a result, their combination will be magical, and it will be rich in minerals and electrolytes, which will bring extra benefits.

The pH of the mixture will be around 7.35-7.5, which is just right for providing several nutrients, maintaining balanced ph levels, providing oxygen and hydrogen, and leading to an excellent health state.

This is how to prepare it:

Baking Soda and Himalayan Salt Drink- Recipe


  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt
  • 1/2 glass of water

Because ordinary baking soda contains aluminium, it is recommended to use aluminum-free baking soda. This is not confirmed, but for the greatest results, remain on the cautious side. It is inexpensive, despite the higher price.

Furthermore, tap water is poisonous and sanitised, so use filtered water. You will avoid fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, residues of pharmaceutical medicines, and other potentially dangerous chemicals this way. You can also get a distilled, filtered, ionised, or reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Method of preparation:

All you have to do is stir the baking soda and Himalayan salt into the water. It is then ready for ingestion!

You can consume it twice a day, in the morning and at night.

This incredible drink can oxygenate the body, balance the pH levels in the blood and throughout the body, treat heartburn, improve the immune system, treat ulcers, aid in the treatment of diabetes, and prevent numerous infections, skin diseases, flu, colds, and other illnesses.

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